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Calyx DAC 24/192 Firmware (ver 3.3.0) - OS : OS-X
 Warnning!! This firmware is not compatible with other device (ex, Calyx Femto).

How to upgrade firmware

1. Download the file below. Go to Downloads folder and double-click
    the file ”xmos_dfu_osx.tar” and it will open to a file namned ”Calyx_Firmware_3.3.0.bin”
 2. Connect the Calyx DAC to a Mac via USB.
    Switch on the Calyx (the mini switch adjacent of the 5V jack on the rear of the DAC
    – if correctly turned on the diode on the front should glow)

 3. Open application Terminal
    (typically you will find it in the Utilities folder on your harddrive.
    The Utilities folder can also be accessed via Finder menu ”Go”)

 4. In Terminal type the following commands
    -Type ”cd  downloads” -  press Enter-key 
    and then
    - Type ”cd xmos_dfu_osx” - press Enter-key
    and then
    - Type ”source” - press Enter-key
    and then
    - Type ”./xmosdfu --download Calyx_Firmware_3.3.0.bin” - press Enter-key

If everything is OK you will see the following in the Terminal window:
      XMOS DFU application started
      ... Detaching device from application mode
      ... DFU firmware upgrade device opened
      ... Downloading image (Calyx_Firmware_3.3.0.bin) to device
      ... Download complete
      ... Returning device to application mode
Congratulations! You have now upgraded your Calyx!
(Alternatively, if it is more convenient, you can upgrade your firmware from a PC – it makes no difference and it will work the same with a mac)
  Supported Operating Systems
  - MacOS X 10.6.4 and above.

The following steps describe how to check the firmware version of Calyx Femto & DAC 24/192 in OS-X
1. Choose the 'About This Mac' in the Apple logo
2. Click 'More Info...'
3. Move 'Content' -> 'Hardware' -> 'USB'
4. Move 'USB Device Tree' -> 'USB High-Speed Bus' -> 'Calyx USB Audio 2.0'
5. Check the firmware version
  - The firmware version is 3.1.1 in the picture