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Calyx Femto Firmware (ver 3.3.0) - OS : Windows
 Warnning!! This firmware is not compatible with other device (ex, Calyx DAC 24/192).

How to upgrade firmware

 1. Open Calyx Driver Control Panel
 2. Move 'Device 0'
 3. Check the firmware version(RevisionID)
    - If the Calyx Femto has the most recent firmware (RevisionID : 0X0330),
      there is no need to perform a firmware update.
 4. Move 'Firmware Ugrade'
 5. Browse to the location where the firmware image file was downloaded and select the *.bin file.
  6. Click 'Start Firmware Upgrade'
  - If the firmware upgrade failed , please try again(try 3 times).

* If you've updated the latest firmware in the Windows, don't need to update it in other OS (OS-X).

Calyx Femto Firmware (ver 3.3.0) - OS : Windows [Download Link]