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On Warranty Support for Calyx M

2014.08.05 16:47

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Warranty Support

For warranty and technical support, please refer to your local official Calyx M distributor or local Calyx M authorized dealers.

Terms of Calyx M Warranty

The Calyx M warranty is not worldwide, and it is limited to the country or economic region, where the product was purchased. Warranty service is conducted by the official Calyx M distributor in each country/economic region and the warranty has no coverage outside of the country/economic region where the warranty has been registered.

Disclaimer of Warranty

Calyx M products are manufactured to the specifications of Digital & Analog Co., Ltd.
Any modification of Calyx M or even opening M by customers automatically voids the Calyx M warranty.
Once Digital & Analog determines that a product has been shipped outside its authorized country/economic region without written permission by Digital & Analog, the product will not be accepted for any service at any cost.